The Psychology of Money:  Risk vs. Reward


Randy Tate
Transformative Leadership Specialist
Co-Founder and CEO of iFlip


7:00 am – 9:15 am


Clubs of Prestonwood – The Creek
15909 Preston Rd., Dallas, TX 75248

and Virtual on ZOOM

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For the presentation “The Psychology of Money”

The audience will learn how……

  • Doing well with money is less about what you know and more about how you behave
  • Learn the difference between A.I.  and algorithms
  • What are money rules and how to create them
  • How people make financial decisions


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Randy Tate
Transformative Leadership Specialist
Co-Founder and CEO of iFlip

iFlip is an AI driven, SAAS company. The fully automated investment software uses proven proprietary algorithms combined with AI to buy, sell, or hold stocks in order to grow wealth. It empowers people to easily manage their retirement and personal investment accounts.

Randy isn’t your typical Financial Technology Company leader. While you might find him catching a morning business news show, he’d rather create news than consume it and look past ‘what is’ to see ‘what is possible’. This possibility mindset has driven strategic decisions and spurred the innovation that’s produced all of Randy’s success – in life and business.

His first post college career choice was to serve as a high school teacher and athletics coach. After nearly a decade in the field he started Game Day Athletics an athletic equipment/apparel company uniquely designed to serve team needs. He successfully grew his apparel company attracting a large publicly traded sporting goods conglomerate that negotiated a deal to buy the entire company. Other business owners and entrepreneurs began asking him to coach them and through speaking and training others, Randy grew a reputation for being a natural leader. His unique ability to make complex topics simple and teach anything to anyone made him highly sought out to train employees and business owners.

His fascination for innovative technologies led him to a software company called Infusionsoft whose customers were business owners and entrepreneurs. Randy was the perfect fit to help them expand and was brought on as VP of Business Training.

During his time as VP, a big dream stemmed from Randy’s possibility mindset. He wanted to “change what [at least] a million people believe is possible.” Now, in his role with iFlip, he is doing just that.

Randy took the financial concepts of quantum physics genius and iFlip’s Chief Technology Officer, (Kelly Korshak), and kept simplifying them until they were able to create an investing platform suitable for the masses. The company began with the intent to 1. Perform better with less risk 2. Be very simple to use 3. Be significantly less expensive than all other investment options out there. And they are!

Randy’s obsession with redefining what is possible has enabled iFlip to achieve absurdly effective results and compete in the market by serving the everyday investor. Since 2017 the platform has outperformed the S&P500 by 120% Now the mindset is about growth with over $30m on the platform and zero marketing to date the next step is to spread the word.