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The Perfect Storm: Navigating Through the Turbulence During Disruptive and Monumental Times of Change

By April 17, 2020 September 1st, 2020 No Comments

Moderated by Dr. Gerald Turner, Managing Partner of Dr. Gerald A. Turner & Associates

We are already well past recession stage; we just don’t know it yet! This is going to be a very long, drawn-out economic cycle that maps somewhere between recession and depression – probably not as dismal as the 1929 Great Depression, but close. Instead, we will most likely experience a lengthy contraction of the U.S. business cycle and very sluggish economic recovery driven primarily by market, economic, and Pandemic uncertainties. Dr. Dick Tozer would emphasize the need for the small busineses to focus primarily on financial liquidity and solvency for benefit of survival and sustainability, focusing on the other aspects of The Tozer Model, profitability and growth, as the economy returns to some semblance of a “new normal;” certainly not the one we had grown accustomed to – no longer “business as usual” but instead, “business as unusual!