T.C. Broadnax

T.C. Broadnax began serving as Dallas City Manager on February 1, 2017. Prior to that, he served as City Manager of Tacoma, Washington since 2012, and has more than 23 years of local government management experience.

Broadnax is an International City/County Manager’s Association Credentialed Manager and is recognized throughout the public sector for his significant contributions in community and economic development, neighborhood revitalization, code enforcement, financial management and organizational leadership. His approach to public sector management and citizen engagement has been instrumental in enhancing quality of life for the residents of Tacoma and the other communities he has served.

In Tacoma, Broadnax was responsible for a staff of more than 2,200, and a biennial General Government Budget of more than $1.9 billion, which included a General Fund Budget of $460 million. He focused much of his efforts on ensuring the City’s financial sustainability by increasing transparency and accountability. Under Mr. Broadnax’s leadership, the City’s long-term fiscal health improved. The City’s strong community engagement and solution development process helped citizens better understand budget deficits that were in the millions. He also successfully facilitated a community visioning process that resulted in a 10-year strategic plan for the City of Tacoma.

Broadnax paved the way for a robust performance management system, a “one-stop shop” for customer service and implementation of an Open Data Portal program to inform community and external stakeholders. He also provided strategic oversight of a five-year Economic Development Strategic Framework that leveraged the City’s position in the region and improved the tax base.

Prior to Tacoma, Broadnax served as Assistant City Manager of the City of San Antonio for five years. Broadnax provided strategic direction for the City’s library system, code enforcement, planning and community development, development services, animal care services, grants monitoring and administration, housing and historic preservation.

While in San Antonio, Mr. Broadnax engaged citizens and advanced public policy programs and efforts, including the designation of five Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones worth $339 million; the proposed development of 12,600 housing units and nearly seven million square feet of commercial and retail space and added $4.5 billion to the City’s tax base. He also standardized all economic development programs and incentives to support redevelopment in the City’s 36-square mile urban core.

Broadnax facilitated a comprehensive planning process that supported the City’s Master Plan. The resulting action plans helped the development and real estate community understand the stakeholder engagement process. He also supported military base protection initiatives that included the development of an endangered species ordinance.

Prior to San Antonio, Broadnax was Assistant City Manager in Pompano Beach, FL, where his responsibilities included oversight and development of the City’s operating and capital budgets. Broadnax directed the City’s housing and Community Revitalization Agency that facilitated several economic and redevelopment projects and added approximately $433M to the City’s tax base.

Mr. Broadnax earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Communications at Washburn University, in Topeka, KS and a master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of North Texas. He is a Kansas native, sports enthusiast and enjoys a quick game of basketball in his spare time. He is married and has four children.