Dr. Jack McCallum, MD, PhD

Dr. McCallum practiced for 28 years as an adult and pediatric neurosurgeon in Fort Worth, Texas, where he served as Chief of Neurosurgery at Harris Methodist Hospital and Chief of Staff at Cooks Children’s Medical Center. He was a founding board member of North Texas Specialty Physicians, a 600-member multispecialty independent practice association. He has written a number of articles and chapters in professional journals and medical texts.

Since receiving a doctorate in history, he has taught and has contributed to and written several books on American and military history, and is currently the AdRan Professor of The History of Science at Texas Christian University.

Over the past eight years, Dr. McCallum has founded two health care data management companies, serving as President of Leprechaun, LLC and Chairman and CEO of CenseoHealth, LLC, which was recently cited as one of the five fastest growing companies in the Dallas area. In that role, he has written several articles and given numerous presentations regarding health care delivery and payment systems.

Dr. McCallum is currently serving as Chairman and CEO of IntegerHealth Technologies, a healthcare technology company that applies advanced data analytics to healthcare plans and workers’ compensation programs, driving down costs for self-insured employers while improving the care that their employees receive.