Barnett Energy Development, LLC

Barnett Energy Development is the latest iteration of a family name that has been associated with energy related geology for over 100 years. Our current team has at least that many years of combined experience with projects in the continental United States, the Middle East and South America. Most recently, we have been involved in successful projects in Oklahoma and Texas, as well as early work in North Carolina. Our efforts are now concentrating on the Permian Basin in Texas and the Niobrara DJ Basin in Colorado. As a company, we have succeeded both as investors and facilitators of investments for others. We accomplish this by being a leader in every aspect of quality project selection. Operational vigilance on our part has resulted in creating the ultimate return on investment for those choosing to become involved. Our vision is to continue to provide investment vehicles that deliver ongoing revenue and capital preservation, lower tax liabilities, and contribute to the energy independence of our great nation. We look forward to discussing how you, too, can join us in this exciting opportunity. Change your life and the lives of those around you for the better.