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Good morning Bill,

I would like to thank you for inviting me to Success North Dallas group. The opportunities are endless and was very impressed with the network and seminar. I look forward to the next meeting and do plan to be apart of the respected group. Having the chance to be your guest was a true blessing and was honored to be invited to be apart of something so special. I will be in close contact with you and be sure to represent Success North Dallas and yourself. I learned a lot from Shama and listened to others about their success with the group and business. I have already put some ideas to work and will continue to grow and study with my new networking group.

Thank you again for the opportunity to grow with Success North Dallas!

I will be a great asset to you and our Team.

Thank you Kindly

Aaron Sonego


From the Blog of Randy Mayeux 6/18/2014

Randy Mayeux Quote from his Blog




To Bill Wallace & Success North Dallas,

It’s hard to start anywhere, seeing how much my personal life and career has grown since coming to SND for my first time. It’s been a very humbling experience that I am tremendously grateful for, as the people within this organization have changed my life through their wisdom, opportunity, and kindness.

Every monthly meeting that I had the opportunity to attend was a breath of fresh air. Every time I stepped into the building, there was an excitement of the possibility of advancing my network, career, and knowledge – and every time I attended I learned something new. But, none of this would have been possible without the mentoring atmosphere that has been established at these meetings.

Statistics show that businesses, organizations, and people alike, tend to have a better success rate when their goals are for more than just profit maximization; but, for a higher cause. I feel that SND truly epitomizes this ideal.

Through Success North Dallas multiple companies have been started, and over thousand jobs attained. This was all plausible due to the characteristics that you and Success North Dallas engrained into this organization – to be a giver, and to help your fellow man… leading to the maximization of not only business opportunities but, the opportunity to progress the community around us.

Bill, as my mentor I can’t thank you enough for showing me this, which has furthered my life in so many ways, and other ways that I cannot even see yet, due to my young age. But, more importantly, I thank you and SND with all of me for actually living and walking for a higher cause and being a role model for me and future generations…

In humility and gratitude,

Shawn So 


Thank you so much for these recent visits.  Words can not describe my appreciation for your wisdom as I personally navigate through some very interesting waters.  Perhaps one of the biggest gems in our conversation is the level of integrity that transcends business and personal.

With this in mind, today adds a new piece that I will add to the testimony of my experience with Success North Dallas and shortly, you will have a copy.  Just know that I am blessed and honored to have come to know you and I have true and genuine respect and admiration for you and the Success North Dallas family.

I am looking forward to updating on the progress and the direction that our Prayers lead me.  While I am a bit nervous and fearful, it with a peace that God has placed Sentry’s in my life to guide me.  I consider Bill among the many Sentry’s that have protected my walk.

Thank you and may you continue to be blessed, while blessing so many.

James Prince


What a refreshing way to start my day last Wednesday!

As an outsider coming in from Southern California, I didn’t know what to expect when I visited Success North
Dallas. But when I arrived, I was delighted to immediately recognize a number of people whom I knew to be of the
highest caliber because I had already had the pleasure and privilege of meeting them in other professional contexts
in the Dallas area.

As a professional speaker, I have the opportunity to mix and mingle in a lot of corporate groups. Typically, in these
groups, I’m either hobnobbing with highbrows or swimming with sharks. But Success North Dallas is different.
Your members take the concept of Servant Leadership seriously, and bring its principles into both their personal and
business relationships. I have to admit that instead of seeing a “What can I get?” attitude, I was impressed with each
person’s warmth, genuineness and “What can I give?” attitude. There was a rare willingness to help.

For such a way of thinking to permeate an organization, it has to start from the top. When Harry Elkin invited me to
Success North Dallas, he had nothing but the most effusive praise for you personally, and no doubt it is each
member’s perception of your personal integrity and dedication to “excellence through giving” to which one can
attribute the overall positive tenor of Success North Dallas as a group. Quality people attract quality people.

But the thing that impressed me most about your leadership of the meeting that day was your unabashed
acknowledgement of God. Where I come from in Southern California, people of faith often mask their beliefs in
business situations, afraid to either offend or be ridiculed. But with absolute integrity and unshakeable confidence,
you made your declaration of faith a part of your battle cry for the morning meeting! Bravo! You appear to have
succeeded in making faith in God a foundational cornerstone upon which you have established Success North Dallas
without making the group itself “religious,” nor making anyone subscribe to a particular set of beliefs.

There are always those who will rankle at such a publicly overt acknowledgement of faith, of course, especially in a
business environment, but in my experience those folks are in the tiny minority. And while I respect their right to
disapprove, I find that they will tolerate the presence of spiritual truth if it is delivered with gentleness and grace:
“Speak the truth in love.” Some of them will ultimately respond to your overtures and some will not, but it is the
fact that you continually scatter spiritual seed, and water it faithfully, that will ensure fruit and an eventual abundant
harvest (Matt. 13).

Congratulations on more than two decades of excellence and growth in Success North Dallas, and may God
continue to bless all your endeavors!

Warm Regards,

Scott Sorrell
“Mr. Charge Higher Prices”™
Speaker, Trainer, Valuevangelist
CEO, Sales Adrenaline