Dan Clark is the most “Dynamic and Real” Speaker I have ever heard. There is no price tag you can put on the value he delivers… Bill Wallace, Founder Success North Dallas

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Are you aiming to be SIGNIFICANT or to be SUCCESSFUL?

I have decided that I am successful because I keep working on being significant and to be MAD (Making A Difference!)!

I had the pleasure of hearing Dan Clark, the best speaker that I have ever heard (other than maybe President Reagan), at the CEO club talk on Friday at one of my favorite Dallas museums, FRONTIERS OF FLIGHT M– — — USEUM, near Love Field.

Thank you, John Brown!

My key takeaways from Dan were:

  • We become like the 5 people we hang around with most! (TEM} Therefore, hang around EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE- one of the reasons I so miss my friend Jan Collmer who passed away recently(Where do I find his replacement?)(TEM}
  • The kind of people Dan and I want to hang around are:”I like me best when I am with you, and I want to see you again!”- (TEM} I want to be like that for my family, friends, and clients.(TEM}
  • Re All knowledge that people like Dan and I share in our presentations- “All knowledge is RECOLLECTION”, not a lot new! (TEM} But do you TAKE ACTION? (TEM
  • Create a culture of significance in your family and your business.
  • CEOs keep asking, “How do we deal with these Millennials? Dan says-get them involved, make them feel significant, important, and part of an organization that is about being significant and making a difference.
  • “Start with the ‘WHY’ in mind rather than the ‘WHAT’ end result!” You are likely to get more meaningful RESULTS.
  • EXPECTATIONS- “People do what they are ASKED TO DO rather than what they are capable of!” That is why so many people underperform.   (TEM}  Do you do what you are capable of doing?(TEM}
  • The game of life as well as sports is about WINNING not TEAM.  Too many of our youth have been taught that it is about TEAM  (it is not). Many teams lose and have losers on their team! 
  • People commit suicide because they “DON’T FEEL NEEDED!”