Positioning Statement

For more than a quarter century, Success North Dallas members have met monthly to find inspiration in the messages of exceptional speakers, to network, and to share ideas and insights.

Built on a foundation of servant leadership and a give-first mentality, Success North Dallas attracts successful businesspeople of the highest integrity.

As a result, SND has become a magnet for highly motivated individuals driven to learn, grow, and hone their acumen.

As the decades have passed, SND member accomplishments have exceeded all expectation. The numbers speak for themselves: 60 companies started, 33 members now published authors, more than 1000 jobs filled, as well as non-profits founded and TV series launched.

The organization has grown organically and with that growth has gained a sterling reputation as well, drawing internationally renowned speakers to come and address SND’s membership without fee or paid expense. Yet, it could be argued that the successes the organization has enjoyed over the years have come more by happenstance than by design. As its 25th anniversary approached, the founding members recognized that it was time to take Success North Dallas to the next level.

The organization had already become a force for change and an engine of economic growth and prosperity to its community. But with success comes responsibility—the responsibility to do even more.

The board believed the good SND was doing should not be limited by geography or be constrained by the organizational model it had adopted to meet its needs decades earlier.

So, first among many significant steps in Success North Dallas’ renewed mission is to begin recruitment of captains of industry from among the most influential domestic and international enterprises to serve as advisors and resources.

These knowledgeable and well-connected individuals will enhance the board’s ability to do what it does best: introducing companies that can benefit from what each has to offer the other and helping to forge lasting relationships.

The SND board is also pursuing another key initiative: ensuring that the organization continues into the future with the right people at the helm.

Development of SND’s next-generation leaders is already underway. Additional mechanisms by which members of exceptional integrity, drive, and leadership ability will be identified and prepared to serve are also being considered.

These are exciting changes. But members can rest assured: those essential things that brought Success North Dallas to be one of the most-often recognized and best-respected brands in Texas will not change. SND will continue its monthly meetings—drawing noteworthy speakers as well as fostering leadership, mentorship, community involvement, and seeking opportunities to give back selflessly and generously.